Circulation/Home Loans

The Library has not commenced the Home Loan Service pending development of a sizable collection of lendable books. However, many worth reading and authoritative books of various subjects are already there and they have to be used in the library only.

Reference & Information Services

Reference Service in the form of personal assistance to readers is available on the floor. This may either for selecting and locating books suited to the specific needs of individual visitors, or in locating specific types of information, or in making better use of any of the services provided by the library. There are several Ready Reference Books suited to specific types of information enquiries, which the Library Staff will bring to the notice of the enquirers. Reference Services has no boundaries, even outside sources will be tapped by Reference Librarians in answering bona fide queries of library users.

Internet Search and e-Learning (ISeL)

The Library has the required set up for facilitating Internet Browsing, and a number of computer terminals with high speed Broad Band connectivity are made available for independent individual browsing. It keeps open its e-Learning facilities for beginners as well as amateurs. They will be given advanced level training in tapping the internet resources more effectively, Group training programmes will be arranged at frequent intervals or on special request

Online Information Searching Services (OISS)

The Library will undertake information searches for and on behalf of its clientele on a payment basis. The search results will be delivered to the client either as print out or CD/DVD records.

Article Procurement & Delivery Services (APDS)

The Library will also try to procure and supply requisitioned documents such as full texts of articles in e-journals, photocopies /films of passages of printed documents, as and when they are located somewhere.

Article Procurement & Delivery Services (APDS)

Arrangements are being made with some important libraries in the country for supply of books on inter-library loan. But this would be subject to the terms and conditions of the lending library.

Photocopying Services

The Library will make arrangements for meeting the photocopying requirements of its clientele through the YMCA Office which is having a Photostat Unit of its own