The Trivandrum YMCA is a charitable society, duly registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act (Act XII of 1955) with Register No. T- 64 of 1972 and as such it is governed by the provisions in its Memorandum of Association and the Constitution and Bye –Laws. The General Body is the ultimate decision making authority of the YMCA, while the day to day management is carried out by the duly elected Board of Directors consisting of 18 members (15 elected by the General Body for a period of three years and 2 co-opted by the Board for one year and the General Secretary). Election to the Board is held every year with one seat reserved for a candidate below the age of 40 years, and one-third of the Directors retiring every year. The President and the Vice-president are elected from the existing Director Board members for a period of one year. The Treasurer is appointed by the Board from among its Members. The General Secretary is also appointed by the Board as per the policy of the National Council of YMCAs in India. The work of the YMCA is being carried out through its Standing Committees. There are now 16 Committees which assist the Board in implementing the various programmes and activities. Each Standing Committee is headed by a Member of the Board of Directors as its Chairman who will constitute the Committee with suitable hands from among the members of the YMCA.

Shaji James

Mr. Shaji James

General Secretary

Bitty K. Varghese

Mr. Bitty K. Varghese

Asst. Secretary