YMCA Trivandrum

The Trivandrum YMCA was founded in the year 1873 by Miss Mary Bourne of the United Kingdom, a member of Zenana Mission. It is the second oldest YMCA in India, the first being the Calcutta YMCA, founded in 1857. Rev. Samuel Mateer was its first President and in that capacity he served the association for a period of 17 years. YMCA Trivandrum was started with the objective of spiritual and social empowerment of the society at large irrespective of caste or creed. With a heritage of being the first YMCA in India established with a predominantly Indian membership, we are still proud to have an unbroken existence since its inception.

Having begun with less than 25 members 139 years ago, it has now over 1,500 members including men and women from all religions.