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  • The well established YMCA program aimed at school-aged children had it's roots in early YMCA youth programs.
  • The term Hi-Y  was first officially used in 1927, but the YMCA had been active  with youths since the 1850s.
  • In India Hi-Y Club formed in 1960 at Hydrabad
  • Hi-Y stands for High School YMCA


Objective of the Hi-Y Club


  • To CREATE, MAINTAIN and EXTEND to the fullest capacity of one’s ability throughout the home, school and community, HIGH STANDARDS OF MORAL CHARACTER through improvement, brother/sisterhood, equality, and service in High Schools.


Hi-Y Emblem


  • The triangle stands for the trinity in a person's personality --BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.


Hi-Y Activities


  • Weekly meetings
  • Competitions
  • Camps
  • Leadership, Personality and Public Speaking training
  • Model Assembly
  • Exposure visits  etc