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Student Support Programme - An innovative programme by YMCA Trivandrum to help the needy students


YMCA Trivandrum has many schemes, classes and activities for students. But the beneficiaries are mostly upper and middle income group students. Student Support programme – at YMCA Trivandrum    is an attempt to help needy students with excellent academic record with a regular monthly support. The aim is simple. “No Brilliant Student should miss education solely due to lack of material resources”. Giving financial help is not the only intention of the SSP. The sponsors, students and other interested members of YMCA form part of the SSP Community. It aims at a holistic approach to help the complete development- Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social – of the students. The YMCA with plenty of resource base can do many things for the students without incurring additional costs.

The philosophy is simple, we can do for them all those things which our parents had done for us and things which we had are now doing for our children. This is an innovative scheme to help needy students. The following is a roadmap of programme of action.

  1. Organize classes for SSP students on Innovative learning techniques, Personality development, Career Guidance, Counseling, Life skills, Public Speaking, Spoken English etc.
  2. Help in physical development by exposure to games/facilities at YMCA     
  3. Conduct medical check up to ascertain ailments of eye, teeth, skin, chest etc.
  4. Arrange lectures on essential information required for a citizen in practical life  like Banking, land transaction , dealings  in a village office/ Panchayat /Local body  office , environment awareness , traffic rules etc.
  5. Help them, if necessary, in doing projects by giving material/ideas.
  6. Arrange talks by professionals/specialists from among sponsors/members.
  7. Extra-curricular performance by SSP students- music, speeches etc.
  8. Evaluate students through appropriate methods
  9. Collection of used books from Sponsors for SSP community
  10. Sharing of experiences:  Any sponsor can talk to the students on their area of interest. They can share with them the unique wisdom and experience of age and years.
  11. The SSP community meets at the YMCA, twice in every month.


How can you support the programme

  1. Join as volunteer in the programme
  2. Giving leadership to the programme
  3. Work as mentor of the programme
  4. Sponsor a child by providing Rs 3000/- for one year 

It may please be treated as a privilege to be able to support these poor children whom we help and guide to attain Socio Economic Development in their lives. We encourage you to participate in this noble venture in recognition of the blessing showered on you by God Almighty.