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YMCA Library & e-Learning Centre


"The YMCA Library & e-Learning Centre started operation as a new project of the Trivandrum YMCA on the 30th March 2009. The sole objective of this project is to spread education and learning among all sections of people. This has been also one of the avowed objectives of YMCA as an international organization. The immediate interest in attempting at a library project was the closing down of the British Council Library which functioned in this very building during the past 44 years serving the intellectual public of Trivandrum. A library to substitute for the closed down British Council Library is far beyond the resources of YMCA at present. Nevertheless, it has decided to try something that would be useful to the reading public, and especially the youth, in Trivandrum, in the changed information environment. Thus the present library project does not aim at building up a large book collection and other print media materials , whereas it will concentrate on matter of fact reference and consultation library with adequate resources for IT- based information search and learning. The focus will be on a New Age Library wherein our members and patrons can get a Virtual Library environment and experience, so to say a "library without walls", rather than access to a self-sufficient library in the physical sense. Hence our physical library component will be confined to a small but balanced collection of essential items of Reference and Learning value. This library project is being planned and developed by Prof. C. A. Augustine, former Head of the Department of Library & Information Science, University of Kerala, in association with P. Sanjeev, former Senior I.T. Officer, Kerala Agricultural University."


The Library works for 10 hours per day from
Monday to Saturday i.e. From 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. (except on some important public holidays),
when the Reading Rooms and Internet searching facilities will be available


The Library issues the following categories of membership:
Monthly Membership for those who pay Rs 400/-

The above categories of Members will have free use of the book collection and reading room services while the Internet Searching facilities will be charged extra on a hourly basis.

The Library gives also Membership to its e-j portal services which enables online access to its electronic resources all the time from anywhere, i.e. from Home, Workplace or while on Travel on 24x7 basis. One need not come to the Library at all; the Library just goes to the Reader. 


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The Hindu Economic & Political Weekly Competition Success Review
The New Indian Express The Week  Competition Success Review
Mathrubhoomi India Today  Competition Wizard
Deepika     Outlook Civil Service Chronicle
Kerala Kaumudi Employment News Kelpro Bulletin
Desabhimani Economic & Political Weekly Prep Talk
Madhyamam The Week Frontline
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Printed Books
The Library being recently established its Book Collection is in its building process. Nevertheless, there are about 4,000 volumes already, which consists of Ready Reference Books as well as other books dealing with various science and non-science subjects. Books are classified by using the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) Scheme. WINISIS Software is used for the Library Catalogue and an OPAC (Open Public Access Catalogue) is getting ready for release and this will soon be accessible online through the Website.

The J-Gate database that the Library is subscribing to has been developed and marketed by M/s Informatics (India) Limited, Bangalore is unquestionably a dependable tool for content accessing e-journals. Its coverage is already 25,000+ electronic journals dealing with 7 subject areas, namely: Basic Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Social & Management Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Agricultural & Biological Sciences, Bio-medical Sciences , and Library & Information Science. These e-Journals with their archives, Table Contents of each issue, and abstracts of each article/paper are freely accessible whereas Full Text of articles will be found only in the case of about 10,000 Open Source journals. For more details: Click the Link YMCA e-j portal in this website

World Public Library Online is another electronic resource that the Library is subscribing to. This is a massive database of digitized books, numbering more than 2.2 million titles in Full Text form, searchable, accessible and downloadable as PDF files. They are from almost all subjects and disciplines and about 100 important languages of the world. For more details: Click the Link YMCA e-j portal in this web site.


The Library has provided fully Air Conditioned and carpeted Reading Rooms–cum-Stack Area with open book racks and comfortable reading tables and seats for individual use.

Having been situated in a prime area in the Trivandrum City close to the South-East Gate (Gate No. 4) of the Government Secretariat the Library is very much accessible to all.

The Heritage building of the YMCA Library is an added attraction with ample in-house parking area for private vehicles of library visitors. With all these and other advantages any casual visitor will find it worthwhile to frequent for comfortable pastime and serious reading and studies.


Circulation/Home Loans

The Library has not commenced the Home Loan Service pending development of a sizable collection of lendable books. However, many worth reading and authoritative books of various subjects are already there and they have to be used in the library only.
Reference & Information Services
Reference Service in the form of personal assistance to readers is available on the floor. This may either for selecting and locating books suited to the specific needs of individual visitors, or in locating specific types of information, or in making better use of any of the services provided by the library. There are several Ready Reference Books suited to specific types of information enquiries, which the Library Staff will bring to the notice of the enquirers. Reference Services has no boundaries, even outside sources will be tapped by Reference Librarians in answering bona fide queries of library users.

Internet Search and e-Learning (ISeL)
The Library has the required set up for facilitating Internet Browsing, and a number of computer terminals with high speed Broad Band connectivity are made available for independent individual browsing. It keeps open its e-Learning facilities for beginners as well as amateurs. They will be given advanced level training in tapping the internet resources more effectively, Group training programmes will be arranged at frequent intervals or on special request

Online Information Searching Services (OISS)
The Library will undertake information searches for and on behalf of its clientele on payment basis. The search results will be delivered to the client either as print out or CD/DVD records.

Article Procurement & Delivery Services (APDS)
The Library will also try to procure and supply requisitioned documents such as full texts of articles in e-journals, photocopies /films of passages of printed documents, as and when they are located somewhere.

Article Procurement & Delivery Services (APDS) 
Arrangements are being made with some important libraries in the country for supply of books on inter-library loan. But this would be subject to the terms and conditions of the lending library.

Photocopying Services
The Library will make arrangements for meeting the photocopying requirements of its clientele through the YMCA Office which is having a Photostat Unit of its own


UNESCO Club    (in future)

Chamber of Knowledge    (in future)

Forthcoming Events




MCA e-j portal

The Page for the YMCA e-j portal should provide separate links for the J-Gate and the World Public Library Online. Each of these is to be User Id and Password controlled and therefore interactive dialogue boxes should be given, besides the instructions for accessing each of the databases.

“On 01 April 2011 the YMCA Library & e-Learning Centre has embarked on a new phase in its pursuit of the Virtual Library experience for its customers. The YMCA e-j portal was opened in January 2010 with provision for online access to the J-Gate databases of M/s Informatics India, Bangalore, containing 26,000+ e-journals with Table of Contents of every journal issue in the archives, and high quality abstracts of all articles/papers (numbering over 33 million). In the current year we have added a new feature to our e-j portal, namely online access to the internationally popular World Public Library Online (WPL) which in turn is a vast repository of over 2.2 million e-books / e- Documents from about 100 live languages of the world. Each e-Book / e-Document has been digitally re-mastered and optimized for the Virtual Library users. Members of our library will be able to gain complete access to the Full Texts to search, view, read, and even down load for personal use, any material from the WPL’s growing collection. The high quality PDF e-Books and MP3 audio books in the WPL include classic works of literature, sciences, technology, serials, bibliographies and other reference works that serve as the perfect resource to support and strengthen research, education and learning for any individual.

Thus the YMCA e-j portal is now a unique Gateway to over 30 million abstracts of research papers in the J-Gate and Full Texts of more than 2 million e-Books in the WPL for our members from their own privacy without visiting any library. Our members can access both the databases, 
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from their home, workplace, or while on travel”.

American Library Access 
The Library has arrangements with the American Library, Chennai for using its large resources such as 14,000 books, 140 scholarly journals, U.S. Government Publications, Think Tank Reports and Newspapers, Special Collections on American Studies, Business Management, Computers, English as Second Language , as well as the 500 video programmes and multimedia CD-ROMs. These can be made available to lour library users on a remote borrowing basis.

External Library Links

American Library Chennai http://www.americanlibrary.in.library.net
British Council  Online www.library.britishcouncil.org.in
Kerala University Library www.keralauniversity.ac.in
Cochin University Library www.cusat.ac.in
MG University Library     www.mguniversity.edu
Calicut University Library www.universityofcalicut.info
Kannur University Library www.kannuruniversity.ac.in
Kerala Agricultural University Library www.kau.edu